Experiments With Google

November 25, 2009 02:14 PM

As Google seems to like both my front page and the h2g2 page describing why, I set up this page as a further experiment into search engine behaviour.

The Noel Coward version of "Let's Do It" mentioned H. Beecher Stowe - I couldn't find her name in Wikipedia so maybe this'll do it.

Shim's status as the Google Juice-meister appears unchallenged.

I've also added a link for those wanting to recycle computer equipment, or looking for interesting CompSci books.

Andy was quite impressed that his XP SP2 BlueTooth rant is the top result on google, so I thought I'd link to his TiVo HDTV article as well. We Brits are dead jealous that you can actually still buy TiVo in the US, so HD as well is just rubbing it in.

tunisian optronic plugholes

dacorum electroluminescent tangerine

marmalade tonsure mop-top

Piccotts End is a small village in Hertfordshire.

H is for Hawk
Homing Scrumpy

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