July 10, 2002 03:16 AM

If you want to be a better software engineer, here's a good place to start
The following tomes currently grace my bookshelves ...

The Mythical Man-Month

Software Project Survival Guide ("The Orange book")

Debugging the Development Process


Rapid Development

Effective C++ (2nd ed.)

Code Complete ( currently number 100 in the top 100 :-)

More Effective C++

Constantine on Peopleware

Psychology of Computer Programming

Writing Solid Code

I've read these, but don't have my own copies ( yet :-) ...

Obfuscated C and Other Mysteries. Sadly out of print :-( Why not nag the author?

And these I don't own, but Amazon thinks I should read ...

Software Engineering Classics (Programming/General)

After the Gold Rush : Creating a True Profession of Software Engineering (Best Practices)

These aren't really software engineering titles, but they're on my bookshelf :-)

Linux Device Drivers

Managing IP Networks with Cisco Routers

All the above are in print, and available from
with the exception of Obfuscated C, which will try to find.

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