July 10, 2002 03:16 AM

If you want to be a better software engineer, here's a good place to start
The following tomes currently grace my bookshelves ...

The Mythical Man-Month

Software Project Survival Guide ("The Orange book")

Debugging the Development Process


Rapid Development

Effective C++ (2nd ed.)

Code Complete ( currently number 100 in the top 100 :-)

More Effective C++

Constantine on Peopleware

Psychology of Computer Programming

Writing Solid Code

I've read these, but don't have my own copies ( yet :-) ...

Obfuscated C and Other Mysteries. Sadly out of print :-( Why not nag the author?

And these I don't own, but Amazon thinks I should read ...

Software Engineering Classics (Programming/General)

After the Gold Rush : Creating a True Profession of Software Engineering (Best Practices)

These aren't really software engineering titles, but they're on my bookshelf :-)

Linux Device Drivers

Managing IP Networks with Cisco Routers

All the above are in print, and available from
with the exception of Obfuscated C, which will try to find.

Finally, this book made it into the automatically generated top ten bestsellers, and suddenly vanished ...

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