"I hear you singing in the wires -- I can hear you through the whine"

August 24, 1999 07:25 PM

Sometimes you have tunes in your head for no reason, and sometimes they're omens.

The Wichita Lineman popped into my head in the middle of a meeting, and I was trying to remember "I hear <something> in the wires".

Perhaps there's a D-notice on old 60's country songs, as searching the web drew a blank, so I forgot all about it -- until I was back home and Jane 'phoned to let me know she's back in the country. I happened to mention the tune, she burst in to song and we ended up duetting. And she knew that Glen Cambell sang it, and armed with that, we found the lyrics, and sang the whole thing properly. Followed by Daydream Believer.

After she'd hung up, I suddenly realised why a song about wires popped into my head ...

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