Accentuate the negative.

December 15, 2006 07:23 PM

Yoz suggested that I get "Multi_Key" working on Windows, as a much faster/more usable alternative to symbol pickers and Alt+random-number-bounce.

Problem is, accented keymapping is completely broken on PCs.

There's been a compose key feature in Windows since NT 3.51, and some apps - e.g. Xara Studio, Memento - use it correctly:

ctrl-colon o -> o umlaut

ctrl-comma c -> c cedilla

ctrl-caret e -> a circumflex

But, nnggggh, the compose key assumes you have a US keyboard:

ctrl-doublequotes n -> eņe

So, if you have a UK keyboard, it's:

ctrl-at n -> eņe

Meanwhile, if you *do* have a UK keyboard, then there are no less than five ways of getting an e-acute:

ctrl-alt-e (but not in Word or Outlook - you get a Euro sign. Works in Excel, Outlook Express and everything else)

alt-gr-e (works in almost everything, including explorer, but excluding

ctrl-# e (compose key - only in sensible apps - e.g. not notepad, Outlook or Outlook Express)

alt-0-2-3-3 (works in almost everything except

alt-1-3-0 (Doesn't work in Xara Studio, works in everything else including

So, nice as it would be to implement a compose key, I think there's very little chance of it actually making things any simpler!

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